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Our StandardsOur Standards

Confidentiality, ethics, and your best interests are what drive our actions


The process of selling a business requires transparency, trust, and collaboration among all parties involved. As intermediaries we take our responsibility of confidentiality very seriously. The process of marketing a business for sale while continuing “business as usual”, without the knowledge of customers, employees, and suppliers, can seem as if you are trying to accomplish opposing goals. Accomplishing both goals is something we are experienced at in each and every one of our transactions.

We require all prospective buyers to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) that are carefully crafted to protect the confidential and sensitive information of your business. In addition to NDAs, we also require potential buyers to provide us with acceptable evidence of financial viability and industry/background experience. Rest assured that we understand how important confidentiality is to the successful operation and sale of your business.


As members of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and the Texas Association of Business Brokers (TABB), we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the industry. Both the IBBA and TABB are two of the largest, most successful, and most respected industry associations in the world. The ethics codes we follow require obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce.  As individuals and as a company, we adhere to the ethical principles of business and provide straightforward, professional, and honest services to each and every one of our clients and customers.

The IBBA Code of Ethics can be found here.

The TABB Code of Ethics can be found here.